dongwoo being dongwoo + an observant myungsoo and an oblivious sunggyu

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We always hear advice from artists about making our ambitions a reality, but what’s the best advice you have ever received?
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Lee taeil:
-thinks fanfics r cute
-raises tropical fish and calls them his children
-likes anime and horror movies
-can legally ride motorcycles
-intentionally tries for a cute image
-has literally been outed as a lil queer by his bandmates
-has tried to kiss zico
-wears tinted lipgloss…

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Actors revisit their famous movie roles

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A muggle-born’s sibling sends them a howler in the middle of the school year and it arrives while they eat. When they open it, all it does is simply scream “WHAT TEAM?”. Nearly all the muggle-borns shout “WILDCATS!” before returning to their meal, leaving the pure-bloods in total confusion of what the hell they just witnessed.

I accept and fully support this headcanon

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@henryl89: i guess my heart was so lonely he popped out today . #henry #헨리
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196 / 200 edits of Leeteuk

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Some comments I stumbled upon

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park kyung 7.8

yo for reals if you never want you bias list to change ever, do not under any circumstance see park kyung in person.

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Do not edit. cr: cx橙包


Do not edit. cr: cx橙包
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ARTIST: Unknown블락비 (Block B)
PLAYED: 48073 times
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think about the first person to have twins

how freaking confused do you think they were omg


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  • if you are a vegan
  • great!
  • tell me and i will never serve you meat and/or try to question you about it
  • but if you ever
  • ever
  • tell me that im a killer
  • or try to make me feel bad
  • for eating meat
  • i
  • will
  • eat
  • you

ok but consider this: you should feel bad.

ok but consider this: i WILL eat you

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